About Us



 "I love tacos and The Office" - Every photographer on the planet. But hey. Who doesn't?

I'm not exactly easy to summarize. ​My tastes are eclectic. You will find our newest addition in a lovingly decorated, mid-century modern nursery. Yet there's a Star Wars quilt on our bed. I love off-roading in our lifted Jeep Rubicon, gardening, and spending most of my time doing anything else outdoors. I confess we have a mini zoo. A dog, bearded dragon, three bunnies, and chickens. I love to dance with the kiddos...whether it's in the rain or the kitchen getting down to Latin music. I'm a Law Enforcement wife.

My three little muses' sense of wonder and joy is something unique and fleeting. Children grow so fast and pictures are the best way to soak up memories. I love visiting my family in Massachusetts and going through their huge bin of old photos. Each one is a treasure. I never knew my Dad was a gifted photographer until I picked up a camera for myself. As Marie Kondo would say "hold it in your hands and ask yourself if it sparks joy". I can't think of anything that sparks more joy than reliving simple and beautiful moments looking at photographs. That's what I want for you. To capture special moments worth remembering.